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Hog Wild Pirate Party & Pig Roast

Pig Roast at Gaspar's Grotto in Tampa, FL

Gaspar’s Grotto's signature offering is the Hog Wild Pirate Party & Pig Roast. A whole pig roasted over hot coals in an ASADOR CUBANO.

For groups of 40 persons or more, our chefs will slow roast a whole pig over hot coals in an ASADOR CUBANO: a traditional Cuban outdoor preparation in a wooden box. This process of slow roasting the pig basted in Mojo sauce takes 7 hours and produces fantastic and memorable sights, smells and tastes. When done, the pig is presented on a bed of palm leaves complete with an apple, allowing time for photo ops with guests. The pig is then carved to order by our chef and is typically served with a buffet line offering rice, black beans, seasonal vegetables, a fresh chopped salad with a choice of dressings, and bread – a delicious Cuban-style feast! Of course, coffee service and many choices of dessert fare are always available.

*For those that are vegan or vegetarian we have no problem offering an alternative meal.

If you should so desire, we can offer you such entertainment options as a Comedic Pirate Trunk Show and swashbuckling swordfight. Or we can have our pirate magician entertain the crowd, providing eye patches, swords and pirate hats for the entire group. Whatever the host would like to do, Gaspar’s Grotto can and has, done it.