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About Gaspar's Grotto

Created from the mind of a Merchant Marine Ship Master who traveled the world and spent many a productive hour studying the world’s best bars, Gaspar’s Grotto is one of those rare places where EVERYBODY feels comfortable. That was the mission and it has been accomplished. We are ambassadors to drinking alcoholic beverages, eating world class food, music, camaraderie, fellowship and fun.

Gaspar’s Grotto is also a beloved local landmark deep in the fiber of our community. We have used the venue over the past 20 years to raise more than ½ million dollars for local charities. Today, the guests may chose to ring the gargantuan,” World’s Largest Tip Bell” for a small contribution. 100% of these contributions go directly to the Shriner’s Hospital for Burned and Crippled Children.


We are committed to providing an indigenous experience to our guests by providing quality in drink, food and service. We strive to build a lifelong memory of a unique and fun experience to every guest.
Although we are near the center of local cocktail culture, ownership is decidedly retro. Our signature offering over the last 20 years is the $3 shot and a beer. We sell thousands every week. We cater to the drinking men and women because ……..that’s just what we do.
Is there any place else, anywhere, where a couple can be married in a complete ceremony, by a genuine Sea Captain, for the princely sum of only $ 6.99 ?

We welcome any and all people of fellowship and kind heart to enjoy the ambiance of a genuinely unique, indigenous and hospitable establishment.

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