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Artifacts & Bells

bell pic

The Owners, Captain Ehab the retired sea captain, and his bride of many decades, the Head Bar Wench, have traveled to all points of the compass and most countries on the globe, civilized or not. As a result Gaspar’s Grotto is filled with nautical and other artifacts and artworks collected during their travels.

Many guests comment that they feel like they are in a museum (albeit a raucus one!). And indeed the collection is of museum quality. Every artifact has a story that Captain Ehab is always ready to share. This includes photographs of relations, and friends of relations, who proudly served the country in the Armed Forces in bygone wars. We honor their sacrifices.

Additionally, The Captain and head bar wench have assembled a large collection of ship’s bells from around the world. These bells must be heard as they are rung daily and upon request. Their sweet music is often heard far down 7 th Avenue here in Ybor city. One was even the property of Thomas Edison.

Also notable is the famous, “ World’s Largest Tip Bell” This 19 th century, iron behemoth, weighing nearly ½ a ton, is suspended behind the bar where it is rung by the guests for a small donation to Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Come be amazed at what the fruits of a lifetime of world travels, and careful collecting, have brought to the World Famous Gaspar’s Grotto.

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